Baseball Hitting Drills That Really Work

Baseball Hitting Drills That Really Work

I've been utilizing baseball hitting drills to make myself a better hitter ever since I used to be a kid. Which is a very long time ago. One factor I had that perhaps not everybody has, was the advantage of great coaching. From my Dad in little league up by excessive school and American Legion Baseball after which within the Minor Leagues.

Often times little league coaches are well intentioned mother and father who've children on the team. But they won't know what makes a superb hitter. It's a must to know the right mechanics of an excellent baseball swing before you'll be able to follow them. Otherwise, you will be practising improper mechanics.

Rocky Balboa vs The Russian

Bear in mind within the film Rocky 4 when Rocky was training for the combat with the Russian? There was the Russian training on all that top tech tools and what was Rocky doing? He was out within the snow pulling a sled filled with rocks and splitting firewood! The point is that you don't have to speculate a lot of money in every kind of expensive training aids.

Here are some straightforward to be taught baseball hitting drills that won't solely enhance your swing, however cost little if any money. And most of them you are able to do by yourself.

Muscle Memory

I was taught early about muscle memory. One quick instance of muscle reminiscence is tying your shoes. Try it proper now. See how briskly you'll be able to tie your shoes. You do it without really enthusiastic about it. That is because you have got achieved it so many instances that your mind and muscle mass nearly do it for you. That's muscle memory.

I nonetheless play baseball in what's referred to as the Men's Senior Baseball League. It's a league for us old guys who nonetheless need to play however aren't up to competing with the young guys anymore.

I'm not bragging when I say that I am the most effective hitters within the league.

But it surely's not because I've more talent or expertise than anybody else. It's because I relentlessly observe the proper mechanics of a good baseball swing.

The goal is to coach your body to swing properly without fascinated by it in order that in a game you only have to concentrate on hitting the baseball. You can't be fascinated about staying balanced, staying back, quick stride, etc.

Follow the right mechanics time and again and Muscle Memory will maintain this for you.


Visualization is changing into a well-liked training aid. We had been doing it 35 years ago. With all of the baseball hitting drills I did, visualization was used all of the time. One other word that describes visualization is pretending. See your self in your mind hitting line drives. Make pretend scenarios and live them by your thoughts whereas training your baseball hitting drills.

Pretend that you've got a 3 and 1 count and the pitcher hangs a curve ball. See your self, as you swing, driving the ball off the 375 foot check in right center field. This really helps with muscle memory and makes these drills extra fun.

Staying Back

If I had to train a younger hitter from scratch, and I have, concerning the proper swing, the first thing we might talk about would be staying back. I have seen so many young hitters lunge on the ball once they swing. It's like they can't look forward to the ball to get to them so that they go forward to hit the ball.

We used to do a easy drill within the minor leagues that helped me to be taught to stay back. Our coach would have us set up in our batting stance. He told us to faux that there was a metal rod that went via the top of our head, down via our body and got here out our butt. This steel rod was then anchored into the ground in order that we could not transfer forward.

Then he would sports have us step and swing. The objective right here is to step with the entrance foot, but not enable your body to move forward. When doing this drill, think of your step as a reach towards the pitcher. Now, for this drill to be effective, you need to follow it many times each day. Particularly if you were a lunger before. Don't go entrance to hit the ball. Be affected person and let the baseball come to you.

You may add to this drill by practising your head discipline. Your head ought to go right down to the baseball while you swing. Your body will observe your head. So if you're pulling your head out while you swing, your front shoulder will comply with and open to quickly which is able to totally screw up your swing.

Observe your balance with this drill. If you swing, you have to be balanced. Don't swing so hard that you fall round in the batters box.

Practice all of these items with this drill however take them one at a time. Do not try to work on three things at the identical time. Work on staying back for a number of swings, then consider steadiness and so on.

Dominant Eye

All of us have a dominant eye though we do not realize it. Attempt this.

Take the index finger and thumb of your left hand and make a V. Do the same thing with the index finger and thumb of your proper hand. Now touch your two index fingers and two thumbs together to type a triangle. Pick out an object on the wall and take a look at it via the triangle. Then, shut your proper eye. Can you continue to see the object? If not, shut your left eye. Can you see it now? The eye that you can see the item with is your dominant eye. So when you arrange within the batter's box, make darn positive you might be seeing the pitcher with your dominant eye.
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